Getting Here

Getting Here

There are various ways for guests to get here.

By air:

Airlink operates daily scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town to Skukuza Airport. Airlink’s ‘bushlink’ scheduled flights connect travelers between Nelspruit, Cape Town and Johannesburg to safari lodge airstrips.

Federal Air, Cezzani Air and Odi Air operate charter flights direct to safari lodge airstrips

By road:

The SSW has three major access gates: Shaws Gate, Newington Gate and Gowrie Gate. These gates are geographically spread through the reserve, allowing for easy access to all lodges on the reserve.

GPS co-ordinates and directions:

Shaws Gate: 24°55’42.31″S 31°28’45.12″E
Click here for directions and map
Newington Gate: 24°52’8.36″S 31°24’16.51″E
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Gowrie Gate: 24°41’40.85″S 31°30’54.59″E
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If you are unsure which gate to use, please see the map below. Each gate has been colour coded with the routes to each of the lodges.

SSW Overall - Website 2015

Download map here.

Gowrie Gate

Gate Times:

Open: 05:00
Closes: 22:00

Open for entry: 09:00 – 14:00
Closes for exit: 16:00

Deliveries may not enter later than 14:00 and must exit prior to 16:00.
No guest, delivery or contractor may exit that gate without a stamped exit permit by the lodge that was visited.


Gate Fees:

Entry type  01 Jan 2016 – 31 Dec 2017
Light vehicle R250.00
Heavy vehicle over 3.5 tons R440.00
Per person fee R110.00