Sabi Sand Wildtuin Association

The Sabi Sand Wildtuin (SSW) is the oldest private game reserve in South Africa. Established with a passion for conservation, SSW has pioneered a host of wildlife and conservation management practices and is managed by a dedicated team.

The reserve is a proclaimed protected area, consisting of 49 481 hectares adjacent to Kruger National Park. In particular, it is known for its Big Five experience and the diversity of wildlife conserved here.

The Sabi Sand Wildtuin

The Sabi Sand Wildtuin is a voluntary association of landowners who are members of the reserve.  This association is responsible for managing the shared interests of landowners for the protection of the reserve’s wildlife.

Management comprises different departments that ensure the safety, upkeep and preservation of the reserve as a whole.

Lodges on the reserve are privately owned and managed.

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